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Last week we broadcast 308's KIDS TALK featuring the 2009 Mayoral debate team from class 901 some of the individual student projects. In addition : Science in Action: Mr. Exume's outdoor lab is featured.

This month we'll broadcast the personal connection song interviews from Class 901, 902 , 904 and 905. tune in to QPTV on Friday , June 28th at 4pm on Channel 35.

In addition Goddard HS308 has a vimeo account where our videos can be uploaded as well.


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Personal Connection Song :

(Research and Presenting in TV Studio) as well as Songwriting in Garage Band. By now you have selected a personal connection song. You are researching and finding out about the songwriter/ the musicians and the singer of your song. You have posted your personal connection song on your class Media Music page. Now is the time to figure out how you will present your personal connection song . Interview? Skit? Playing a musical instrument? Dancing? Singing? You won't have to present alone it will be a team effort.

Let's work together and help your classmates express themselves!

Videos to view :

A Great animated film! April Showers bring May flowers ! As we get closer to the summer I start thinking about water and our environment. Check out this animated short film on the Water Cycle . The quality is great and the information is accurate and will help you on the Living Environment Regents!

The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water from Surfrider Foundation on Vimeo.

You can still click on my portal guest name: mediafash for other helpful links for Media Arts class and Media Music

Meanwhile click on the various Media Arts class pages and check out your fellow student videos that are posted on school tube. If you haven't completed your individual video project come to lunch learners in my room or Ms.Robles and complete your video! Then upload to school tube then you'll embed it here on the wiki as a "widget" - video - other. Here are some sample videos: